Discover how athletes rehydrate naturally

After training, the question we all ask ourselves is always the same: what is the best way to rehydrate? Thirst quenchers? Too many ingredients we don’t understand… Coconut water? Too strong… We all are a bit lost…

You may ask any athlete what is his secret to rehydrate. His answer will contain 3 words: water, electrolytes and natural sugar… which is exactly the composition of Necta maple water.

Of course, water is the basic element necessary to rehydration. It is essential for the proper functioning of the metabolism and helps to regulate the body temperature during an effort. Maple sap is mainly made of pure water that has been filtered by the tree and its roots before being collected. It is therefore a pure plant water.

When the tree flows, the sap collects minerals and electrolytes from the tree. Hence, we can find different minerals such as sodium, copper and also manganese. 500ml of maple water contains 50% of the daily recommended value of manganese, which is a factor in energy metabolism and contributes to the formation and maintenance of bones.

These electrolytes favor the passage of water into the cells, restore the proper functioning of the metabolism and the communication of the brain cells.


The slightly sweet taste of maple water is mainly due to natural occurring sugars from the tree. With only 10 grams of sugars per bottle, Necta maple water is perfect to enjoy as is without the guilt to gain back the calories lost with determination… For any training of 45 minutes or less, it is not necessary to stuff ourselves with sugar to recover!

You now better understand why it’s good to drink maple water after training.

Feel free to write us if you have any questions concerning how maple water can help you during your next training.