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Organic Maple water

100% pure and natural

Electrolytes for natural rehydration

Necta organic maple water is simply pure maple sap, with nothing added and nothing removed. In order to maintain its freshness and unique flavour, the sap is harvested and packed within 48 hours.

Necta organic maple water is harvested once a year at springtime, in Quebec forests free from any pollutant. With no pesticides or fertilizers, the maple produces a pure and crystalline sap. For each tree, we make sure to collect an amount that does not interfere with its development. We therefore ensure that our source is sustainable and that our process is respectful of the forest.

As the sap awakens the tree at springtime, it can make you feel refreshed. During or after exercise, Necta organic maple water helps with rehydration, thanks to its electrolytes and its natural sugars. It makes you feel revitalized and your body is rebalanced.

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Available now in cases of 12 units of 330ml – Free delivery in Quebec.

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Contains naturally occurring electrolytes such as manganese, copper and sodium


Only 40 cal. per 500 ml bottle


No added sugar, no preservatives, GMO free and gluten free



Product of Canadaicon-can

Certified by Procert



Organic maple water 100% pure