Why should I drink maple water?

Drinking maple water is not a new thing. When the snow started to melt, Amerindians used to make V-shaped incisions in the trunk to collect the sap and boil it into syrup. They also drank directly the maple water since they knew its healthy properties.  Korean people named the maple tree gorosoe, which means tree good for the bones. It was recently showed that maple syrup, as concentrated maple water, had the power to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. If you wonder what are the reasons to drink maple water, this article is for you. Check out the natural benefits carried by maple water.

Few calories

When it comes to choose a beverage, we all scrutinize the calories content. Compared to coconut water,  maple water contains half the calories! We’re not even talking about sodas… Maple water counts around 40 calories per 500 ml while coconut water can reach up to 100 calories for the same volume.


The light taste of maple water makes it easy to drink during an effort. With no added sugar, maple water is actually the best drink for active people and athletes! Also, its mineral content will reconstitute the pool of electrolytes lost after exercising. 500ml of maple water can contain up to 50% of daily recommended intake of manganese.  Manganese is a dietary mineral necessary for our matabolism and participates to a healthy central nervous system. Sodium, copper and iron are also found in maple water. Everything is there to get rehydrated!


I assume that you’ve heard about antioxidants and polyphenols. You know, those little molecules that participate to protect from oxidative stress, one of the first step prior to tissue aging, cardio-vascular diseases or diabete. Well, yes, we can found these awesome molecules in maple water! And the antioxidant power of maple water is comparable to the one of cranberry juice. It’s also good to know that one bottle of 330ml contains 1,22mg of polyphénols, such as  the ginnalin and the quebecol.


Phyte…what ?!?! This scientifical word designates the natural hormones secreted by the tree, which help it to grow or protect from different illnesses. A phytohormone in particular, abscisic acid or ABA, has been detected in significant amount in maple water.


Finally, maple water is an ideal beverage for a balanced lifestyle. In addition to the small quantity of calories, maple water will help you rehydrate more efficiently thanks to its electrolytes content.